Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Updates from Texas...

I talked to Beau last night and he told me that round two has been harder to recover from than the first round. He has zero energy and hasn't really felt like doing much of anything. His blood counts were pretty good at the end of last week but when he went back Monday for blood work, they had gotten lower. When this happens, they make him come to the lab every day for blood work instead of every other day until the levels go back up. Even though he has no energy, he says he feels alright...just sluggish. According to the doctor, it will probably get harder for him to recover from each treatment but they said everyone handles it differently.

Keep praying for Beau's attitude and spirits to stay up beat as he deals with all this stuff!

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent mail and packages to Beau...that has been keeping him occupied and he really appreciates it!


Dee Morton-Rossi said...

JOB 23:10 says

"...He knows the way that I take ;
when He has tested me , I will come
forth as gold ."

Hope that you are feeling better...
Thinking about you; praying for you.

Love , Dee

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight brother!

You are an inspiration!

--Brothers and sisters @ New Providence

Libby said...

In my devotional reading this morning I thought of you! "Whenever the Lord assigns us a difficult task, He gives us what we need to carry it out." The Scripture that was used was Joshua 1:1-9 You just be faithful to what you have to do and rely on God to give you His strength. You have your part and He has His. Joshua 1:9, "The LORD your God is with you whereever you go."
I'm praying that your strength will return soon and that you will feel better soon.
Much love,
Libby Lengel

Sam Mosley said...

I am so blessed to be a part of this Journey with Beau and Jesus. We pick at each other, and he even told me one night last week "ole woman, don't make me throw you on the floor and twist you into a pretzel in your own kitchen". Tonight 4/2/09 we cooked dinner at home, and he ate like he was from a refugee camp, but he's been eating really good and he has felt good for 2 days now. Thank You Jesus.

I have told him that He and Our Lord and Savior are in this race together, and I firmly believe that God has done his part and Beau must now follow the conventional remains of his treatment. We are forever greatful to the Cross, and for watching Beau's testimony unveil itself. It is only through the Briar Patch, down deep near the roots that we find the sweetest berries. That's what Beau is doing, he's reaching deep down (both literally and figuratively) ..when he's finished he will reveal what this mission was all about. I hope it has touched your heart as much as it has mine...It has been an indescribable Journey and Honor to walk this path with Beau and his family. With Love Always...In His Steps and By His Grace I remain

Parke's Mom said...

Thank you for keeping the updates on Beau. Jessica cared for our little boy (Parke) and this blog is great to be able to still feel connected to her and Beau. We pray for Beau DAILY and trust we are going to see God's amazing work through this. I have also prayed for your entire family to experience God's peace and strength as you all continue to be strong.
Keep the pictures coming!
Warmest regards-
Mary-Ann, Phillip & Parke