Friday, March 13, 2009

Hair brained...

So Beau's hair has started to fall out...and as you can see, he is pretty amused by this:

The doctor told him that it would be "cleaner" to shave all of his hair right when it started to fall out so it would create less of a mess...

Here is the finished product:

Beau is still feeling good and has a great attitude about all of this. Please continue to keep him in your prayers! His next chemo treatment will begin on the 19th.

Thanks to everyone who has sent cards and packages for Beau!


Stacy Lane said...

What great pictures!!! So happy to see Beau is happy. Beau, we love you so much and wish we could see you. Jessica and Jeanne, take care of that boy! Hugs to you all.

Anonymous said...

Ezekiel shaved his head for the Lord too, brother!

Stay strong Beau, we at New Providence have you in hearts and prayers, you are an inspiration!

Dee Morton-Rossi said...

Hey Beau -
Loved the photos ! Hope that you feel
as well as you look . The pictures brought
to mind one of my favorite verses :

"...those who hope in the Lord will
renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles ;
they will run and not grow weary,they
will walk and not be faint."

ISAIAH 40 : 31

Thinking about you ; praying for you ...

Love, Dee

Holly said...

Beau, I LOVE it! You look adorable. Been thinking about you and hoping you felt a little better this week. Stay strong, much love, Holly Doss

Libby said...

Loved the pictures. What a hoot. Looked like you were having fun. It's all new territory huh?
All of us have you in our thoughts and prayers.
We are praying that Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that healeth thee will bring you through all of this.
Much love and concern,
The Lengels

Sherry Slocumb said...

Fuzzie Wuzzie wuz a bear,
Fuzzie Wuzzie had no hair.....
Can't you hear Robert singing this?
You look great!! Wish you could have kept the Mohawk. It was sooo you. We continue daily to pray for you, especially about your upcoming hospital stay. Stay strong. We also pray for your mom and Jessica too as they continue to take care of you. We miss all of you so much. Hurry home! Talk to you soon.
Sherry, Robert and Rob

Libby said...

I've had you in my thoughts and prayers all day long! I pray these next few days will go quickly and uneventful for you Beau.
Much love and concern,
Libby Lengel

John Crook said...

Put your shirt on.

Anonymous said...

Nice Beau-hawk!