Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Round Four

Beau checked into the hospital late last night to begin round #4 in his treatments. He only has about two more months to go and he will be done! They met with Dr. Benjamin yesterday afternoon and he was very pleased with how well Beau has been doing with the chemo treatments. Hopefully this round will come and go with less nausea and discomfort and he will be feeling like his old self again quickly.

Alot of people have been asking where to get the "Beau Bracelets" that have been showing up in some pictures. My cousin Ashley has them in her store and I am also going to try to get them in the coffee shop at Northway Church on Zebulon Rd. by this Sunday. Thanks for all of the prayers and for all of the pictures that are being sent's great to see how many people are thinking of and praying for Beau!

Ashley's Store:
Head Over Heels
4420 Forsyth Rd.
Macon, GA 31210
(Vineville Crossing Shopping Center)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Beau" at Talladega

We know a photographer that lives in South Georgia that takes pictures at a bunch of the local race tracks. He actually snapped this picture of Beau after he won the ASA Southeast RC Cola MoonPie race at Cordele in April of 2008. Yes, that is a MoonPie on his head...this might be one of my favorite pictures of Beau! Too funny...

Anyway, Mr. Dale Hall (the photographer) and his son Jacob were at Talladega for the race over the weekend and they carried Beau's story to as many fans as possible and created a slide show to go along with my image gallery of Beau's name. The sign that everyone is holding says "Pray for Beau" and has his website written down at the bottom. The original video is very clear but Blogger shrunk it down so it's hard to tell what the sign says. Check it out here...

Thanks so much Mr. Hall!!!

(If you are watching this on a Mac, you may need to download the latest version of Windows Media Player software since the video is a .wmv file)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Visit to Houston

I just got back from Houston this morning and wanted to tell you all about our trip.  My brother Daniel and I flew out to Houston on Thursday night to visit Beau.  We had the best time!  We got to go with Beau and Jessica to M.D. Anderson on Friday so he could get blood work done and they took us on a tour so we could see where they have been spending a lot of their time.  We went to the mall and shopped for awhile to pass the time so traffic wouldn't be so bad on the way home.  Let me just tell you, traffic is terrible in Houston....ten times worse than Atlanta traffic.  We went out to eat, watched movies, Beau and Daniel went and hit golf balls...we had a blast and I am so glad we got to make the trip.  

The best thing about this trip for me was that I got to see that Beau is the same person he was before he left to go out there.  I'm not sure what I was expecting but aside from having no hair, he was exactly the same old Beau as always.  I think I was expecting him to be tired and possibly feel kind of sick while we were there but luckily he's been feeling great!  He continues to have a great attitude about everything and I'm so proud of him for that...

Thanks so much for all of the prayers that are being said for Beau...I know that is why he is handling this like he is.  He said many times that he can't wait to get back home and see everybody.  July will be here before we know it and he'll be back!

Here are a few of the pictures from our trip...

There are pictures like this all over M.D. Anderson of people that have beaten different kinds of cancers.  The man in this one has beaten Synovial Sarcoma :)

A bike cop rode up and told us we couldn't take pictures of Federal Buildings since 9/11 happened...obviously we weren't too worried about going to jail...

He also told us we couldn't get pictures of patients going into or out of the hospital because of HIPPA...ooops

Not too interested in shoe shopping...very interested in Brickbreaker

Friday, April 17, 2009

Half way point...

Beau is at the half-way point in his treatments, now, and he's still feeling pretty good. He feels sick and sluggish a lot but he's dealing with it really well. What a testimony to the power of prayer...can you imagine being in this situation and maintaining a pretty constant good attitude?? I sure can't but Beau has always been really good about that and I think it's one of his best qualities. Since all of this happened, I have never heard him ask the question "Why me??". That doesn't mean he hasn't thought it...but I have seen Beau accept things and go with the flow when other people would be having a meltdown because he understands that we can't always see the big picture...only God can, and that is who we are depending on. Thank you all so much for the prayers that are being said daily for Beau. I'm sure that is the main reason why he is able to keep up this positive attitude.

Mom says he LOVED seeing the pictures that you all have been sending in...he looked at them for the first time yesterday and she said he was blown away! Keep 'em coming, they are helping to keep his spirits up...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Round Three cont'd...

I haven't talked to mom yet this morning but they are hoping Beau will go home today or tomorrow. His last bag of chemo was started early Sunday morning. He got sick a good bit this round... I thought they were figuring out how to manage the nausea better after the second round but I guess it's different every time. Mom says they have been giving him something to help boost his white blood count and that puts him in a good bit of pain. Please pray that his counts come back up like they are supposed to after this treatment. When they dip too low, they make Beau come in every day for blood work and I think he gets pretty tired of doing that.

Keep the prayers coming and keep the pictures coming, too! The ones I've gotten so far are great! (See below)

Beau's Name...

Keep the pictures coming!

Northway Church group at Rabun Gap

Beau and Kandice Schreiner at our jobsite in Kansas
Our field crews in Kansas :)

Sue Smith in Australia

Ashley Ann Daniel in Seattle :)

The guy on the left with the sign is a survivor of brain cancer...only given three months to live when he was diagnosed last cancer free!!!

Brain cancer survivor :)

From the Dingmores :)

Adam, Cole, Fafa and Jim Wyatt

Susanna Adams, Sarah Kate Barton, Benjamin Barton, Sarah Adams (and baby Ellie)

Guardian Angel for Beau in front of the Cathedral of Cortona (Italy)

Dave Mosley with Beau's bracelet in the Bahamas

Sam Mosley with Beau's bracelet at Atlantis

From Hwy49Racing

Ella Washburn at Amelia Island

Beau's name made the rounds at Northway Church's Vacation Bible School

Northway Church VBX

Northway Church VBX

Northway Church VBX

Northway Church VBX

Northway Church VBX

Northway Church VBX

Northway Church VBX

Some of the family at Pawleys Island got "tattoos" for Beau

Some of us didn't get tattoos so we had to be more creative ;) - thanks Jimmy

The guys' tattoos - Daniel, George, Seth, John & Thomas

The girls' tattoos - Jan, Maggie, Ashley

Squire Rushnell - The Author of "When God Winks At You" and his wife Louise Duart in Martha's Vineyard

From Dickey Farms :)

Max Gresham's hood at the ASA SAT Race in Cordele 6/6/09 - Thanks Max!!

Travis Miller wearing Beau's bracelet - Thanks Sherian!

From TLC Lawncare - Thanks Levon :)

From the Braves game; Chipper Jones being interviewed - Thanks to the Lanes

Danielle's mom's dog in his 08 shirt for Beau!

Chad & Jennifer Ryan and their hunting guides in Zimbabwe

Chad and his kudu in Zimbabwe...he's wearing his Beau hat :)

Parke Bowen! How precious....

After Bubba Pollard's win in Pensacola 5/29/09

Praying for Beau in Jackson Hole - Thanks Maggie!

Garrett Kettle and his friend Mason - California

From Mrs. Kettle

Chet and Lem Thompson and some helpful friends in the shape of Beau's # 08

Rattlesnakes - Thanks Chuck Thompson & Chet for spotting them!

Maddie James - Memorial Day Weekend at Tybee Island!

The Lane's are praying for Beau!

Josh and Betsy Lane at the Colosseum in Rome

Beau in the Hollywood Hills

Beau's own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Hollywood pictures courtesy of Matthew :)

Judy Brady's 3rd grade classin Danville, CA - Praying for Beau!

Watermelon Capital Speedway friends - Thanks Teresa!

Inukshuk from Northern Canada, used by the Inuit to mark trails and point the right direction - from Frank & Shannon Johnston

Drew & Ben Kelly at Elliott Farms

Beau is doing BERRY good with his treatments!

Parrott Academy JV Baseball Team - Kinston, NC

TK Students Hat Party - Kinston, NC

Parrott Academy TK Students at playtime - Kinston, NC

Parrott Academy Patriot Players drama group - Kinston, NC

Praying for Beau in Steinhatchee, FL - Thomas, Tripp, Reid and Matthew

Shelly Pearson's 2nd grade class at FPD

Maggie Reardon...thanks Maggie!

Stephanie & Willow - Seal Beach, CA

Justin Hoffer - Malibu Creek Canyon X-terra Trail Run Series

Our Friends from Northway Church :)

Pete, Austin, Hayes and Janet Williams - Pawley's Island Pier

From the Brown Edwards family - Thanks Kristy!

The Holiday House at Pawley's Island

Beau's Huntin Buddies

Taylor Kettle's Soccer Team in California!

Parker Bryant is thinkin' about Beau!

By Raegan Sharpton

By Raegan Sharpton

Thanks to Wrenn, Charlie, Mickey and Mr. T. for this picture! It was taken during an OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) flight over Pakistan and Afghanistan by some of the "Jolly Rogers", the naval squadron of which Wrenn Landers is a part. They dedicated the flight to Beau...the photo below is the same as the one above but zoomed out so you can see the terrain of Northern Pakistan...thanks guys, we are praying for your safety daily!

"I think it's safe to say that Beau's flight kept British soldiers and the ANA (Afghan National Army) safe from attack on May 2, 2009." -Charlie

Macedonia Moms and Macedonia Unity Group - Highpoint, NC

haha...very creative :)

Newport Beach, CA

Huntington Beach, CA

Sam's still praying for Beau in Huntsville

Brett, Marlou, Katie, Charles, Amy & Jimmy!

Jake, Sam, Emily, Clayton, Anna, Cole & Chase

Chase, Jake and Sam

Mona and Doddy :)

Thanks Allison!

Pawley's Island Pier

From the Atlanta Motor Speedway Family (Thanks Brandon!)

Kate & Carson's new house in Chattanooga


Spilled ketchup

Callie and Becky Manley - Bleckley Co. Track Meet

Thanks Sharlyn Green from Hawaii!

G-Mommies Bridge Club :)

Malcolm & Amy Walthall - Desoto Falls in the Chattahoochee National Park

Arbor Day tree planted in Honor of Beau at Lane Elementary School

Legends of Georgia

5K Children's Church - Hopewell Baptist Church - Gainesville, GA

Ladies Bible Study - Hopewell Baptist Church - Gainesville, GA

Mark DeCarlo from "Taste of America" and Mark Johnson from "In the Heat of the Night"

Marie, Lenny, Ashley, David Greene, John and Ashley at the Children's Hospital Charity Casino Night

Charlie Gresham

Melissa's tahoe...


Holly Doss Cosmetics!

The Geico Gecko and Depot at the GA Aquarium

The Easter Bunny with one of Beau's bracelets

From the Campbell's!

Car rally in Italy!

Can you say Stitches??

Praying for Beau from Medieval Times

Small group from Classic City Community Church - Athens, GA

Look closely at the turkey's fans...

Janice Newlin's 6th grade class

Janice Newlin's 5th grade class

Janice Newlin's 4th grade class

Northway Church Kid Stuff

Beau's new car??

Brandon Heath - Download the song "Wait and See"

Third Day

Mac Powell from Third Day wearing one of Beau's bracelets on stage...

Joseph :)

Hopewell Baptist Church (Gainesville, GA) - Willing Workers Sunday School Class

Pine Forest Baptist Church Sunday School Class

Allison Parker and her mother - One of Beau's greatest fans :)
(she has Beau on her t-shirt)

Suga Prim!

Beau (and Clint Eastwood) in Cortona, Italy

Max & Maggie - Cody, WY

From James Beuscher & the Turner family

Artwork by Busta & Chuck - Peach Co.
Thanks Kenny Hipps!

Beau's buddy, Dusty Land

Head Over Heels!

Barnes/Myers Family

Friends from Watermelon Capital Speedway!

Bo Crook and Wild Hog

Beau loves cats :)

Busta doing what he loves to do!

Brannen and Will Ellis pray for Beau in Statesboro, GA

Baby Cade!

Robert Cunningham and friends...Praying for Beau in China!

J.R. Fitzpatrick Camping World Truck - TRG Motorsports

Michael Pope's Super Late Model

Alex Roberts' Race Car

Andrea Roberts

Just in case you can't read Spanish, this one also says "Praying for Beau" from a friend in Spain