Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Beau" at Talladega

We know a photographer that lives in South Georgia that takes pictures at a bunch of the local race tracks. He actually snapped this picture of Beau after he won the ASA Southeast RC Cola MoonPie race at Cordele in April of 2008. Yes, that is a MoonPie on his head...this might be one of my favorite pictures of Beau! Too funny...

Anyway, Mr. Dale Hall (the photographer) and his son Jacob were at Talladega for the race over the weekend and they carried Beau's story to as many fans as possible and created a slide show to go along with my image gallery of Beau's name. The sign that everyone is holding says "Pray for Beau" and has his website written down at the bottom. The original video is very clear but Blogger shrunk it down so it's hard to tell what the sign says. Check it out here...

Thanks so much Mr. Hall!!!

(If you are watching this on a Mac, you may need to download the latest version of Windows Media Player software since the video is a .wmv file)


dana said...

omg!!! SO SWEET!!!
we're working on our pic!

Anonymous said...

my eyes just filled up with tears. I miss that little guy so much. This will be the first time since he started treatments that I won't be there to see him off. But...I will continue praying and spreading the word. Thanks to this photographer for doing such a great job.

My love and prayers to all of you, but a special message for Beau.

Beau...as usually RIDE THE WAVE WITH JESUS!!!!!!!

Lots of love
In His Steps and By His Grace


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Beau!

We sure do miss you in Cordele. I wanted you to know that we are praying for you everyday. I found out a couple of months ago that I am going to have a baby. Daddy is already talking about us having another racer in the family. He said he can build a blue car or a pink car. Well what can I say, it runs in the family. Anyways, get better soon so you can get back in that race car.

Kylie Ragan Turner