Monday, April 13, 2009

Round Three cont'd...

I haven't talked to mom yet this morning but they are hoping Beau will go home today or tomorrow. His last bag of chemo was started early Sunday morning. He got sick a good bit this round... I thought they were figuring out how to manage the nausea better after the second round but I guess it's different every time. Mom says they have been giving him something to help boost his white blood count and that puts him in a good bit of pain. Please pray that his counts come back up like they are supposed to after this treatment. When they dip too low, they make Beau come in every day for blood work and I think he gets pretty tired of doing that.

Keep the prayers coming and keep the pictures coming, too! The ones I've gotten so far are great! (See below)


Tavia M said...

Thank you for the updates on Beau. Having gone thru breast cancer I am familiar with what Beau has been and is experiencing. Please pass this on to your mom:
*A cancer patient can react differently to chemo each time, depending what is going on in their body. The nausea drugs they have now are FAB! I found that if you take the drug (zofan maybe)before or immediately after chemo you can get a better handle on it and stay on it. The nurses will tell you to take it when you feel like it or before you go to bed. No, no, no...because if it ever gets ahead of you, you have no choice but to ride it out. YUK!
*when your white blood cells are low and they must build you up is when the pain comes. It does mean it is working. Sort of like "no pain, no gain". I started on massages a day or two after treatment and that helped immensely. I continue to them every 2 weeks for a complete overall health. It just gets in your bones and hurts like the dickens and massages really do seem to help.
I hope this helps Beau a little. He continues to be in our thoughts and prayers as does every member of the Slocumb family.
Tavia Henderson

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith, Beau! You are a fighter and a warrior, with each passing moment you are becoming more of a hero! Thanks so much for the inspiration--we will continue to pray for you and your family!
--New Providence Baptist Church

Anonymous said...

Beau is a Godly Man. I have watched him from before the treatments started through his 3rd round. He never waivers...even though he may feel lousy you would never know it, when you sit down and talk to him.

I have had the honor and blessings of talking to him in depth about his cancer and his comment is always Ï'm going to be the One who beats this!" I cannot help but to have adopted him into my family.
I know his faith is strong and he relies on our Lord Jesus to ride the Chemo Wave....he's as ready when the phone rings to get back to M.D. Anderson without a thought of dread.

I Praise God, that I know Jesus has done his job, and Beau must now just go through the conventional treatments they have set for him.

I left half my heart with Beau and his family in Houston, and it was very very hard for me to leave them. But, God has another plan. I pray that his testimony of Grace, Mercy and his love of our Saviour and his family will seep deep into your lives as it has mine.

The Song, "The Warrior is a Child" comes to mind when I think of Beau during my prayers daily. But I know that "His Eye is on the Sparrow"always settles my soul and heart as he approaches each day of his life.

God Bless you all, and I miss you terribly.

In His Steps and By his Grace,

I remain