Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Rough Few Days...

Beau has been having a rough couple of days since the last time I posted. He has been pretty sick and hasn't been able to sleep...even with Ambien. He's pretty frustrated by this as I'm sure we all would be, so please pray for him to get over the nausea and get some rest. His last chemo treatment for the first round was on Sunday night/Monday morning but he is still in the hospital so they can monitor his kidney function. Mom says he might be able to go home (to the Mosley's house) tomorrow but they are playing it by ear. Once he goes home, he will have to go back to M.D. Anderson every other day for blood work so they will be up and down the road quite a bit (thank you to Pitts Toyota in Dublin for providing them with a Sequoia while they are out in Texas).

Please keep the prayers coming!

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