Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two down...

The last bag for Beau's second round of chemo was started around 9:30 Monday night. Thankfully, he was not as physically sick this round. He still felt nauseated alot but he never actually threw up! Mom said the only thing they did differently this round was a pill called Emend to help with nausea. He was still getting Benadryl and Reglan for nausea but the Emend seemed to make the difference in him not throwing up this time. He will probably get to go home (to Sam's house) tomorrow morning.

In one of the first posts, I mentioned that Beau may be able to come home and do the rest of his treatments in Georgia but he has decided against that. We believe M.D. Anderson is the best place Beau can possibly be for cancer treatment and he would like to stay there for the rest of them...not to mention the hassle it would be to change doctors and go back and forth to Atlanta for blood work every other day. He would probably just end up staying in Atlanta most of the time so he still wouldn't really be "home". This means he won't be coming back to Georgia until July since he has four more treatments to do.

Please continue to pray for Beau to handle the treatments well and for him to recover quickly in between treatments. If he continues to recover quickly, they might be able to put the treatments closer together and get it all over with sooner than we originally thought.

Thank you all so much for walking this road with us but most of all for being faithful with your prayers...prayer is a powerful thing and Beau's story is a great example of that!


Sandy said...

Beau is in our prayers daily. We can't wait to have him back at the track. We will be in Georgia this weekend and everyone of us will be thinking of Beau.

Sandy Varney

Judy Brown said...

It is great to hear Beau is doing well with his treatments. Beau, you and your family are in our prayers. We are reminded daily that God is the great physician. As it is apparent He is at work right now with the treatments that were expected to make Beau severely ill. I pray Beau continues to do well.

Solly said...

Hello Beau!
Sounds like you are fighting the good fight just like you always do. We are all thinking about and praying for you and your family back here. I haven't had much luck turkey hunting yet. Tried to hunt down at Powersville opening morning but had Reeves horn in on us so Lee, Peter, and I had to split up. When Peter and I left them just before shooting light Chuck and Lee were trying to un-jam Chuck's gun since he had chambered a shell too long for the receiver. Classic moment! Only heard one gobbler and couldn't get him close. I will try to keep you up to date and keep Chuck away from your hunting spot. I am praying for the doctors to be skillful and thorough, the treatments to be effective, the recovery to be tolerable, the healing to be swift and complete, and you and your family to have safe travels and a speedy return.

Christine Bishofberger said...

From the first time I met you on the tech line, I knew you were special, not just talented, but strong, resilient and determined.

During this 'caution' period, draw upon these characteristics, those who love you and the Lord always. We need you.

Christine Bishofberger
former ASA Tech and Race Official

Hope James Wilson said...

Well, well, little in-the-closet blogger! Great job on the blog, Maggie & Praise the Lord that Beau is doing well :)

Terry Sowell said...

Hey Beau!

My name is Terry Sowell, and I am married to Baxter. I think you have been hunting with him at Gene Maddux's place. Please know you have been in our prayers, and we are praying for God's complete healing. Blessings! Terry