Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow is falling but the hair is holding on...

Beau is still doing well, thankfully!  Jessica's most recent update says:

"Beau had a much better day today than yesterday!  He felt well, watched the Nationwide race, and was able to take a shower.  Because he started feeling sick a couple of hours ago, the nurses gave him something to help him feel better and rest.  Hopefully he will sleep well tonight.  Thank you for all the prayers."

I talked to mom this morning and Beau is still feeling good...they are disappointed that they are missing the snow in GA and Beau is disappointed that his hair hasn't started falling out yet (go figure) but aside from that, everything is going great!  

I have had a few people telling me that they were having issues with posting a comment...there are lots of options for "comment as" and the easiest option to choose is "name/URL" and then just enter your name...I'm not sure about all those other options!

Thanks for keeping up with Beau...keep the prayers coming!


Rodney & Beth McCart said...

Hey Beau,
Glad to hear you're feeling better. Great news that the cancer was confined to the lung. Not sure if Rodney told you, but I'm a cancer survivor (breast cancer, 2006). Hang in there, stay strong & know that you have MANY praying for you.
Jackson, Luke and Bo have been playing in the snow - it's just starting to come down hard. I asked each of the boys what they want to tell you:
Bo - hope you feel better
Jackson - hope the cancer goes away
Luke - you're a good racer!!
Luke doesn't remember my cancer - he was only 2. Jackson remembers. He was 5.
I will continue to pray for your strenth, peace and healing.
In His love,
Beth McCart

sejm0520 said...

Hey Handsome!
Glad to know you're in the "driver's seat" with your treatments. Know that you're in my constant thoughts and my prayers are being lifted for you continuously. God's probably saying "'s you again - wanting to talk about Beau"! God will give you strength and his healing hand is a wonderful place for you to rest right now! You're in my thoughts and prayers but in "HIS" care!
My very special love to you!
Sue Ellen

Mike bakkar said...

Hey Beau,

I'm glad your feeling better.Our family and friends will continue to keep praying for your speedy recovery no punt intended.Keep up the positive attitude and before you know it,you will be on the race track again doing what you do best!Mike B.

Stacy Lane said...

Love you so much! Glad things seem to be going well so far. So happy to have the blog to keep us updated. Praying constantly!

Denise Morton said...

Hate ya'll missed the snow here in GA. We got a lot up here in Jackson Cty. Schools are closed tomorrow. Praying Beau has a restful night of sleep. Luv, Aunt Denise & Uncle Jim

USANDCO said...

Beau, I am pray for you daily. I know you are in much good care.

Pat Morton

John Crook said...

Hey man! Not sure if I have figured out how to work this system. Stay strong and let TRG know if they need someone to drive the car until you get back I will be happy to take the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Hey B.S.

I was traveling down I-75 yesterday and ran up on a sign reading: Atlanta Motor Speedway. Immediately, I began to think about the upcoming race and a particular weekend about 4-5 years ago. Lee, Levon, you, me....sound familiar. Good times!

I also passed through your neck of the woods (Bolingbroke) yesterday. Next time you hear mention of global warming, ignore it.

Hang in there good buddy.

D. Land