Sunday, June 28, 2009

July 8th Welcome Home Party

There has been a change of plans with the food and we will no longer be providing Chic-fil-a for everyone.  This is an open invitation event and it had to be planned on somewhat short notice since we weren't really sure when Beau would be coming home.  There is no way of really knowing how many people we will have and it's too hard to plan food around an unknown like that.  I'm sorry for the confusion...please come out and welcome Beau home on July 8th!  He would love to see you all!!

Here are some more details on the Welcome Home party set for July 8th:

Where:  Northway Church (5915 Zebulon Rd. - Across from Chic-fil-a)
When: Wednesday July 8th - 6:30 pm
Free to tickets necessary...

There will be a short "program" of sorts with some singing and videos and some people will be talking about Beau, etc.  Hang out for a while after it's over and visit with Beau!

Thanks for traveling this road with us!  We're almost home!!!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! God-willing, it will be awesome to finally meet a true inspiration! Brother, thank you for the blessings and keep fighting!--New Providence Church