Friday, June 5, 2009

Home! (still in Houston)

Beau got to go home from the hospital this afternoon!  He was so glad to leave the hospital but is still getting IV antibiotics at home for a little while.  He has a meeting with his doctor on Thursday for a checkup and a chest x-ray to see about the pneumonia.  This whole ordeal is going to push his last round of chemo back by a couple of weeks.  We're thinking it might be a lighter dose this time but still waiting to hear what Dr. Benjamin will recommend.  Thanks for continuing to keep Beau in your prayers...

I would also like to ask all of you to please keep Summer Neel and her family in your prayers as well.  They are long-time friends of our family and Summer is battling cancer again (and recovering from a stroke).  Go to her Caring Bridge page here to read about her situation and please keep this precious family in your prayers along with Beau!

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Anonymous said...

Keep fighting brother! You are an inspiration to many! GOD BLESS!
--New Providence