Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still in the hospital...still doing better

Beau is still in the hospital but he is now on the Sarcoma floor where he normally gets his chemo treatments. He is doing much better than last week and he has been up and walking around some. The doctor told him he needs to do that to help get his lungs working and get rid of the pneumonia. I'm still not sure what they are going to do about the last round of chemo or when they will be able to start it. Beau will have another meeting with Dr. Benjamin on Monday and I think they will decide then. He will probably be in the hospital through the weekend. I believe they are lowering the number of antibiotics that Beau is on for the E.Coli, so that is a good sign. Please continue to pray for Beau to be healed from the blood infection and the pneumonia. He is so ready to get out of that hospital!

On another note, I am going to direct you all to my cousin, Jimmy Ewing's blog. He wrote a hilarious post about Beau today called "He Never Needed a Helmet" and all of you who follow this blog need to read might learn some things about Beau that you never knew before!


Anonymous said...

In Jimmy's blog, you can really get the sense of his love for Beau. Beau is one tough cookie, and I know that he will beat all that comes before him! My prayers are with Beau and his family and with the Ewing family. Hang tough everyone!! Deborah, Kinston, NC

Beck said...

I loved Jimmy's post, it was awesome. I remember after a visit home to Macon one year telling my Mom I'd be surprised if Beau made it to adulthood! It looks like that daredevil, strong spirit is serving him well!

Ashley said...

It was so good to hear about the funny things that Beau has done in his life. I am glad that he is getting better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Maggie. Jimmy sure has a way with words. Beau is a fighter and God will bring him thru this. He & his cousin Josh have a lot in common. lol Can't wait to see him at home in Macon. Thanks or keeping us posted, you have done an awesome job. Luv, Aunt Denise & Uncle Jim

Dee said...

One day I would like to meet Beau's guardian angel ( he surely has one) and hear his version of Beau's life story. It probably wouldn't be as funny as Jimmy's, though!
We are praying for Beau's full recovery. And after reading those stories, we will be praying more for Jeanne & Buster, too!

Love, Dee & family