Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome Home Beau!

Follow this link to see the news story and video on Beau that was on 13WMAZ...

What a night! Thanks so much to everyone that helped out with the Welcome Home Celebration last night. We had a great turn out and Beau was so glad to see everyone! Thank you Chuck Thompson for helping to plan everything. You've been such a good friend to Beau and our'll never know how much we appreciate you. Thanks to Ed Clark for the kind words you said about Beau and our family. You've been a big part of Beau's racing career since the very beginning and he's blessed to call you a friend. Thanks Joey Hancock for using your unique humor and a great message to remind us that God is in control. Thanks to Dawn Thompson, Toni Slade, Pam Glore, Caroline Harvey, Tom Rule, Dan Wallace, Matt McDonald and David Garrett for providing the music. I've always believed our church has the best worship team and y'all proved it last night! Thanks David Wall and Joanna Hardy and all of the Tech Team for setting up the program and making everything run smoothly! Most people have no idea what goes into putting on a program like that (I know I didn't) and we really appreciate all of your hard work. Thanks also to Kevin Mills and Jack Gregory for representing our church family and for the kind words about Beau. And finally, thank you to everyone who showed up last night to officially welcome Beau home. He said it twice while he was up on stage.."It is SO good to be back in Georgia" and we're so glad to have him back!
I know a lot of people weren't able to make it last night so here are some pictures from the Celebration. It was also recorded so hopefully I will be able to get some copies of it if anyone would like to see it! Also, I will be posting the slideshows from the night when I can figure out how to do that :)
Thanks again for supporting Beau through all of this and for continuing to pray for him in the days ahead!

Beau thanking everyone...

All Beau's friends :)

More friends...

Ashley and Shannon

Greeting Beau

Beau and Allison Parker...his biggest fan :)

Beau and his buddy Crawford Edwards

So sweet...

Beau and Mr. Parker

Beau and Dr. Bob (Lane)

Mrs. Joy..kept us all in the nursery when we were little

Coach Mac!

Coach Mac

Beau looking at the hood that Max Gresham had autographed for him...thanks Max!

Beau and Ed Clark

Jessica, Beau, Jody and Danielle

Marlou, Beau and Charles

Beau and Levon Kitchens

Beau and Joey Hancock with the keychain from the story...

Beau being interviewed for the news...13WMAZ

The Gresham family:
Tony, Frances, Charlie, Beau, Jim, Max and Gail

Max and Beau

Joey Clanton and Beau

Jessie and Beau

Chuck Thompson and Beau

Beau, baby Julia, Charles and Carla

Beau with his Dale picture from Melvin

Mom and Beau

Beau and Maggie


Lucy said...

Wish we could have been there! Hoping to see you at the jam!

DEE said...


Kristy said...

Maggie, you do an outstanding job on this blog. it is so comforting to have a place to go and see the joy trumping the family in VA are all in on it! The pix of Beau and Crawford are great. Love y'all!


joe ralph said...

great to see your home and doing well wish i could be there but im staying very busy here in ny. take care and i miss all of you down there.

Karla Benites said...

Hi Beau,
you remind me of my brother who is around your age and is also has fighting against synovial sarcoma. All the best for you!!!.