Saturday, May 30, 2009


So they've finally decided that what Beau has is a bad case of pneumonia mixed with a blood infection...and he is still in the ICU.  Jessica said that everything is inching in the right direction.  All of the different levels that they measure on a regular basis are improving.  The doctor said he just needs time to build everything back up and let the antibiotics do their job and he will be fine.  She also made it a point to tell mom again that this is just what happens to patients towards the end of their chemo treatments.  Their bodies get more and more worn down and it becomes much easier to get sick...and much harder to recover from a sickness.  If your white blood count is .0, how are you supposed to fight infections/sicknesses?  I think we just got used to seeing Beau handle these treatments so well and bounce back from them so quickly that this really came as a shock.  What we need to be thankful for is that he hasn't gotten this sick until now.  From what I'm hearing, a lot of patients have these kinds of problems throughout their entire treatment and Beau fortunately avoided that until now.

Thanks for keeping up with Beau...and being faithful with your prayers!


Susannah said...

He can do this! There isn't a bump he hasn't faced and moved past with strength. Saying prayers for that continued strength for Beau, for Jeanne and Jessica, for all.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord Beau's done well thru 5 rounds. Praying he gets over this latest speed bump quickly. Sending big ((((((HGS)))))) to Beau, Jeanne & Jessica. Luv, Aunt Denise & Uncle Jim.