Saturday, May 23, 2009

Five down - One to go!

Sorry I have been slack with the Beau updates these past two weeks.  I have been in Dallas, GA at the trial for Jenny's killer and I haven't really had a chance to update this like I normally do.

Beau is doing well.  He left the hospital to go back to Sam's yesterday and once again, he didn't get sick this round!  He was nauseated and uncomfortable but he didn't actually throw up.  He's been doing so well and we are so thankful for that.  One more round to go and Beau will be heading home!!!

As for the man who killed our aunt Jenny, the jury in his trial sentenced him to death on Friday May 22nd.  We weren't able to hold him accountable for his actions and we had to depend on that jury to do that.  We feel it was definitely the right decision and we're just glad this part is all over.  Click here for the story on his sentencing.


Beck said...

I'm so glad to hear that Beau is on the home stretch and doing well. Our family has followed Jenny's trial and it's outcome. I can't imagine what a painful time that has been for all of you. Your family's testimony is a beautiful light pointing to God's grace. We're still praying.

Ashley said...

I am so glad that Beau is doing well. I am also glad to see that your family for justice for your Aunt Jenny! I will continue to pray for Beau and your whole family.