Thursday, May 28, 2009


They have now moved Beau to the ICU...but don't panic!!!  The doctor said it was definitely more out of convenience than out of necessity.  There are still absolutely no rooms available in the hospital and the ER is extremely crowded so Beau will get much more attention and better care in the ICU.  He's still running a fever (around 102) and they've determined that he has a blood infection.  Also, there is an infection near the site of his port-a-cath so they are changing out the wire that runs through it and putting in an antibiotic wire.  We haven't heard yet if he has pneumonia and that could still be a possibility.  All of his different levels (hemoglobin, white blood count, oxygen levels, etc.) are slowly coming back up, so that is good.  The doctor reassured mom again that this is not out of the ordinary with chemo patients.  They also have him on a bunch of IV antibiotics and said that we would be surprised how fast it could all turn around...basically he just needs a little time to get all his levels back up and he will be back on track.  Mom said he was actually looking and sounding a lot better right before they took him into the unit.  Hopefully they will be able to get some rest tonight.  I'm sure there wasn't much "resting" in a crowded ER for 36 hours.  

Thanks so much again for all the prayers...I'll update again if/when anything changes.


Nancy said...

The Seagler family continues to pray for you all

Cindy Scott said...


Thank you for the updates. We will continue to hold Beau and your family up in prayer.

penny said...

Thank you for taking the time to update us on Beau.Please know I will be praying God's will. It saddens me to know y'all are going through so much. But I do know there's nothing more powerful than praising God during this difficult time.
Penny Arnett

jana dingmore said...

Maggie, Buster, Jeanne, Beau and family,

Praying for you guys this morning. Please know that many, many prayers are being said on a daily basis for Beau and the whole family. So sorry you are going through all of this. Praying that Beau gets his strength back soon so he can get back to kicking some cancer butt! (that's the way my friend cindy, who is a cancer warrior always phrases it)

Thank you for updates so we know how to pray...
in His big grip,

Pete and Kassie said...

thanks for the update...we will keep praying


Dale said...

I have just said a prayer for Beau, that the infections will decline, that there will be no pneumonia, that he will be able to rest, that he will have freedom from fear and anxiety and for a complete healing and restoration of health,for a long life and quality of life.

I have also prayed for Jeanie and Buster and all those who love Beau, for a sense of the presence of The Holy Spirit, providing strength, courage and an inner peace during this time of anxiety.