Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doing Better...

Beau is doing a bit better now.  His vitals are definitely better and his fever has broken again.  His heart rate is down to 97 which is the lowest it has been in four days.  Jessica said he has been able to rest most of the day.  He finally got used to the CPAP first it made him kind of claustrophobic and panicky.  Since everything is headed in the right direction, they will start trying to get him back on the regular oxygen mask pretty soon.  

The blood infection turned out to be E-coli.  That's not great but not uncommon in Beau's situation.  Apparently, E-coli is kind of like's all over the place and most healthy people just aren't affected by it because they have good, strong immune systems.  People with weakened immune systems like Beau's can catch it very easily.  The doctor also said that he actually could have gotten it from himself...weird, huh.  When your white blood count is super low, you can't even fight off the bacteria that is already in your own body.

Thankfully, things are starting to look up...please keep the prayers coming!

Thanks again for all the prayers... 


Anonymous said...

Hang in there,Beau (Jeanne and Jessica too). We are all praying for you to get better and hurry home. We miss all of you. Love, Sherry and Robert

Anonymous said...

Sending up prayers here too. God is in control and he will bring you thru this Beau. Luv, Aunt Denise & Uncle Jim

Dale said...


Hang in there, keep fighting, I am praying for you regularly as are many other people.

Jeanne,Buster,Jessica,and everyone who loves Beau, I am praying for you ,too.

We know that God hears our prayers and knows all your needs at this time.

Dale Washburn

dana said...

glad to hear this!!

Keep the Good NEws Coming!!