Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2nd Surgery Updates

Beau went in for surgery in Tampa on Monday to fix what the doctor thought was a misalignment that was causing swelling and pain in his shoulder. When the doctor got in there, he discovered a good bit of infection. He cleaned it up as much as possible, replaced some parts and closed Beau back up to begin fighting the infection. Beau will be on some strong IV antibiotics for a while but they can be administered at home so he won't have to remain in the hospital for that. He's doing really well so far. He's been up and walking around every few hours and Buster says he's in good spirits.

Beau could get out of the hospital as early as tomorrow and he will be staying down in Florida for a couple of weeks. Thanks to Jason, Randy and Anne Tidwell, he's going to be able to stay in Daytona between doctors visits and get his antibiotics at their house without having to go in to the hospital. He will have to go to Tampa sometime next week to have his stitches removed and then again at the 6-week mark for a follow-up appointment.

I had mentioned in an earlier email that he would have to have surgery again to totally fix his shoulder but that isn't necessarily true. They will wait until he has healed up and been through some rehab to decide if they are satisfied with his mobility. Another surgery might not be necessary so that is a good thing. Sometimes things get lost in text message translation so I'm sorry for the confusion about all that :)

Thanks for all of the prayers and support that have been directed at Beau, Jessica and our family throughout this whole ordeal. We have the greatest family and friends that anyone could ask for and are so grateful for each of you.

I will update more when I hear anything new!


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