Friday, February 11, 2011

We're tired of speed bumps already...

Friends and Family,

Beau learned today that the "infection" in his shoulder was actually more cancer. I'm not sure exactly where it was or how much of it there was but Dr. Frankle was able to cut much of it out during Beau's surgery, which should help with the pain.

For the past few months, Beau has been undergoing alternative treatments for cancer up in NC and he is going to continue on that route. The fact of the matter is that chemo just doesn't work on Beau's type of cancer. It didn't work the first time and he hasn't been given any indication...even by M.D. Anderson... that it could do more than give him extra time...but not a cure. That being said, Beau is currently trying to get an appointment with a doctor in New York who is doing incredible things with cancer patients and alternative medicine. Jessica has spoken to a woman with synovial sarcoma who is under this doctor's care and was very encouraged by what she had to say about her response to the treatments.

For the time being, the doctors in Tampa recommended that Beau receive palliative care to manage the pain caused by the tumor and the surgery. He's being fitted with a pain pump and hopefully when the pain from the surgery wears off, he will be able to wean himself off of the pump. He should be getting out of the hospital today.

As most of you would expect, this setback hasn't seemed to slow Beau down! He will be staying in Florida through next weekend and going to some of the Speedweeks events in Daytona including the Daytona 500.

Please pray for strength for Beau as he faces this ordeal head-on...and pray for Jessica as she faces it with him.

Thank you Randy, Anne and Jason Tidwell for giving Beau and Jessica a place to stay in Daytona. Thank you David Prim for EVERYTHING you have done for Beau...there are no words. Thank you to our amazing friends and family for supporting Beau through this. He needs the prayers and support now more than ever.



Don and Christine Bishofberger said...

We will lift Beau daily before the Lord.

SAM said...

Just checking in. God nudged me at 4 a.m. so I decided I'd better check on all my little chicks...

Tell me how the pain is decreasing? How are you feeling in general? Is there anything we can do for you besides lift you up to God in Prayer?

We love you dearly...all of you...and know that you are truly a fighter.

Keep that sweet disposition, and that beaming personality...I'll keep eating the Lemon Meringue pie for you......!!!
Sending lots of love and prayers (so many I can't count)..
Standing in the Gap with you.
Gods hanging on to you!!!!
Lots of love
Sam & Dave

Janice Newlin said...

Hey Maggie!

I'm in constant prayer for you all. Thanks for you post and update.