Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Surgery this Monday

Just a reminder that Beau will be having his surgery this Monday, December 6th. If everything were right with the world, Beau would be racing in the Snowball Derby stuff this weekend down in Pensacola. But since his arm is still non-functioning, he will be watching and cheering for Bubba Pollard from the sidelines. Bubba has added some of Beau's paint scheme to his car as a tribute and we are all pulling for Bubba to do well this weekend in the #08 car!

Updates will be posted as I receive them, but for now, please just pray that the surgery goes smoothly without any complications and that there is enough muscle to work with when Dr. Frankle replaces the prosthesis in Beau's arm.

Here is a pic of Bubba's car from the Speed51 website:

To follow the Snowball Derby coverage go to and click on the Trackside links for the Snowball Derby.

Thanks for keeping Beau in your prayers!

Good Luck, Bubba!!!



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