Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2

Apparently the goooooood drugs aren't doing their thing anymore. Jessica says Beau is in a good bit of pain and they are raising his dosage of pain meds as much as they can. He got sick this morning and hasn't been able to eat anything so they are working on that. Hopefully they will get the pain under control soon and he will be able to eat and rest.

Thanks for keeping up with Beau through all of this...and please keep the prayers coming!



Holly Doss said...

Hang in there Beau, you are so strong!

Felicia said...


stay strong. our prayers are with you everyday.

Taylor said...

I keep up with Beau and your family, through my brother Johnathan Flowers. Johnathan thinks a lot of your family. I will continue praying for you guys!!